confidential psychological report

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In this assessment, you play the role of a developmental psychologist who has been asked to write a report for an adolescent boy, Jacob. You will be required to apply your knowledge of key topics from developmental psychology (i.e. attachment, nature vs nurture) to a case study about Jacob in order to compile a brief psychological report. The case study covers Jacob’s history and current presentation in the form of text. The case study also includes accounts from a clinical psychologist, a teacher, and a school counsellor, who provide additional information about Jacob and his developmental history. As part of the case study, you will be provided with an assessment tool called the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) that has been pre-filled by Jacob. You will need to score this questionnaire using the scoring instructions and use the outcomes of the questionnaire to help complete the report. Finally, as part of the case notes for the report, you will be required to construct a genogram and evaluate the influence of nature and nurture on Jacob’s attachment style. The genogram should show Jacob and his family relations (i.e., grandparents, parents) using the standardized symbols.

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