Completing one article review

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In this assignment you can submit a current (within three years) article (newspaper, magazine, journal, etc.) related to the material covered in class. Requirements for the article review are listed as below:

– Write one paragraph, briefly summarizing the article, then write one paragraph outlining how your article relates to the class material (i.e., identify the concepts you are learning in this class that apply to the article) and your insightful reaction to/opinion of the article.

– The article must deal with a concept covered in this class. For example, linear programming, network model, simulation model, etc. (Counterexample: Articles on “Big data” or “data mining” will NOT be accepted.)

– The report must deal with an application of analytics to an operations or supply chain management scenario.

– A general article on operation or supply chain management will NOT be accepted.

– Do not write more than one page. Typed, 12 point font, 1” margins, single or double spaced.

– Include a citation page for all the sources cited in the review.

You can see some textbook materials in the link below or in the attachment:…

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