complete writing reflection assignment 500 words

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Writing Reflection (MW 1101)

Topic/Focus: Reflection

Length and Format: 500-750 words, double-spaced, 12-pt Times New Roman

Due Date: Wednesday 4/27, via Blackboard by the time class begins

Materials: PC or Mac; Word processing software (MS Word, Google Docs, iWork Pages, Open Office)



  • Consider your writing process was for each major essays.
  • Become conscious of your own development as a writer.
  • Recognize the necessity of revising in the writing process.
  • Examine the place of research in your writing.
  • Consider how you will address writing challenges in the future.
  • Topic/Prompt

    Now that you have completed the course, you will take this time to reflect on what you learned. You should answer each of

    questions, though the order in which you answer them is up to you. While this does not have to be written in essay form, each

    of your answers should be a complete paragraph and your complete reflection should be written in MLA format.

    1. First, please click here to complete one final questionnaire related to support services used in this course.

    2. What areas were strengths for you this semester and what are some continued areas of growth as a writer, student, and

    future professional?

    3. What three writing lessons, overall, did you learn from the readings and videos assigned to you this semester?

    4. Describe your writing process for the final essay. Discuss what you learned about your draft during peer review. Discuss

    what changes you made based on the feedback you received. Devote a significant amount of time to discussing how you

    revised this essay. Explain how you conducted the revision of the essay, detail the specific changes you made to your essay,

    and reflect on what you learned as a result of going through the revision process.

    5. What impact did the academic refreshers have on your writing and reading practices? Did your performance on the

    refreshers match your performance in the grammar areas of your essay rubrics this semester?

    6. What was the place of research in your writing? What tools aided you as you researched for the final essay? How did

    research impact your final essay? In what ways did it help you improve your writing or give you new challenges to face?

    7. You will have to take other writing-intensive courses in the future. What can you apply from your time in ENC 1101 to your

    work in another writing-intensive course?

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