complete the following homework in 2 steps

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Covering Chapter 4

See the attached PDF file

Complete each homework assignment in two (2) parts.

First, complete the mathematical requirements for each assigned question and subpart in a separate Excel tab. Please note that the excel spreadsheet should include four separate tabs – sheet 1 for programming part for scenario 1, sheet 2 for programming part for scenario 2, answer report for scenario 1, and answer report for scenario 2.

Second, complete the narrative description requirements of the assignment in a Word document. Complete the narrative in the Word document. When the question asks for calculations, make reference to the appropriate tab in the Excel file for reference. You may also copy and paste a picture or spreadsheet link within the body of the narrative as well.

– Show mathematical steps in detail to receive full credits

– Refer to rubric

Homework Guideline Video:

**This must include both a Word and an Excel document.

**You have to use the “Solver” add-in to get the answer report in Excel

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