Complete 5 page paper on Business Law

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RESEARCH PAPER (10 points for draft and 90 points for final paper) A five page paper will be required for this course. You must have a separate cover page and bibliography. Provide an overview of the area of law, the purpose or policy behind the area of law, and common issues in its practical application. Focus on issues that are important to highlight any ethical issues that commonly arise.

Utilize a minimum of 5 recent (less than 7 years old) primary references. Format your paper utilizing the APA style (6th Ed. or newer). You must choose a particular legal topic (for example Business Crime), then you must narrow the topic down to a specific issue (for example, How Georgia Businesses Protect Their Patrons ‘Safety in Order to Prevent Lawsuits).

When you submit your topic you should have done some preliminary research so that you can submit a topic that is not overly broad. Think about issues such as sexual harassment on campus, employment discrimination and minimum wage or other legal topics within the course that interests you.

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