compare ” The book of Job” and ” ILIAD”.

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your essay should be no less than 3-4 double spaced Arial #12. You will this final reflection using the persuasive argumentative mode write you should modes of writing. You may also employ the narrative, statement have a either singularly or in combination in the body of your essay. As well SafeAssign by point of view; you must have a clear, concise, and defined thesis occurring in the first paragraph of the essay. Upload your essay to requirement midnight 5-7-18. As with your Midterm Exam essay, a cover page is a for your Final Exam essay Your Name The Title of Your Essay, The Good Life Spring 2018 Sec 201 Jamal Benin, Ph.D. Asst. Prof. of Instruction Then, you should provide at least 3 examples of supporting evidence in the introductory paragraph, or in the second (2nd) paragraph. Your conclusion should paraphrase and dilate your opening. Moreover, your essay should include logical transitions between the introduction, body, and conclusion as well as within body paragraphs that include evidential support (https llen sh purdue edu). This assignment is worth 25 points towards your final grade and will be graded on Structure, Content and Mechanics. In text citations must accompany your supporting evidence. Edit your work. religion This semester we have read important works of world literature, philosophy, and What with a focus on the well-being of the individual. We have asked questions like do we most value, what is most important to us and why? What makes for happiness? What’s right and wrong? How is what’s good for me defined by my relations with others? What is the purpose of life? For your Fall 2018 Final Exam you are required to write a persuasive argumentative essay comparing the origin and nature of wisdom in terms of Power, and Hierarchy in two of the following: the lliad, the Book of Job, The Epic of Gilgamesh or Antigone. Then determine the similarities and differences found in the origin and nature of wisdom in either your Joumey or a story in your culture. For centuries scholars have debated these iss

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