Cold War Map, history homework help

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In this activity you will find background information and directions to resources for further research.

  • Download the handout “Cold War Conflicts”
  • Follow the directions given in the activity (of course, this is an individual assignment, not a group activity)
  • Select a geographic region from the four listed in Step 2
  • Follow the directions in Steps 2 -4 to plan your Cold War map
  • Use the Conflict ID cards in the handout as a template for your map notes
  • Go to this site to download a blank map of your region
  • Add the sites and your Conflict ID notes to your map–be sure to color code them as directed in Step 4
  • You can place the map in PowerPoint and use text boxes for your Conflict ID notes, or or scan in your written map

Additional step: Write one paragraph explaining why you selected the events that you did did and referencing some events that you left out and why.

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