choose two and write a 200 word response to each

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Choose TWO and write a 200 word response to each.

  1. This chapter discusses “art” and the value it may or may not have in today’s society. What distinguishes “art” from other expressions or experiences? Do you think of theater as “art” or “entertainment”? Are these terms mutually exclusive? Why, or why not? What value does art (in general) and theatre (in specific) have for you?
  2. Theatre often exposes audiences to diverse subjects and themes from a variety of perspectives. Are there particular subjects, themes, or perspectives that you would not want to see staged? Would you endorse the use of censorship to keep others from viewing these same subjects, themes, and/or perspectives? Why, or why not?
  3. Discuss the implications of this statement: theatre is not simply a collaborative art thatrequires the coordination of many crafts; it is also a collaborative experience because itrequires an audience.
  4. Discuss the ways in which theatre, as an event and an audience experience, differs from television and film.

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