Chemical reactions

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1)Complete the following reactions:

CpFe(CO)2Me + SO2(l) →

CpMn(CO)3 + PhCCPh →

Mn2(CO)10 + Na/Hg followed by C2H5I →

W(CO)5(CPh2) + PH3=CH2 →

2)Briefly give the mechanism for the decomposition of Rh(C2H5)(PR3)2(CO).

3)Which compound would you expect to be more stable, [Rh(η5-C5H5)2] or [Ru(η5-

C5H5)2]? Give a plausible explanation in terms of simple bonding concepts.

4)Predict reaction products for the reaction below. Show all intermediate product

formation, and illustrate reasoning.

[Cp2W(η3-C3H5)](2BF4) + 2 MeLi →

5)Predict the products of the following reaction:

Et-Re(CO)5 + CH3CN →

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