characters emotional interactions

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Watch the TV Show link below… 

Your assignment this week  is to recognize and comment on 5 different sets of characters emotional interactions

( between two characters).  1) State who the characters are by name  2) What was said (verbal) or did

( nonverbal)  or BOTH to stir up an emotional reaction. 3) What the emotional state was they and if it was justified or how it could be handled more appropriately/effectively.

For example:       

1) Kristy and Jill  :  Jill’s self concept is very giving even though her perception from others is she is cheap so she expresses hurt and anger .. This was seen at the dinner table when Kristy said…..   Jill showed sadness by crying…kristy should have chose a better environment to state this to her. 

These can be about culture, language, non-verbal, communcation, perception and self concept. Show what you know is this activity !

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