challenges in ethics, responsibility and sustainability

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Please answer the following questions please make sure to include a short abstract of 80 to 100 words.

1- Critically analyse specific ideas from the session that you personally see as relevant to you and the way you make sense of, and engage with ethics, business responsibility and or sustainability (ERS) You should think of this as a literature review and anchor your discussion in the linked session resources and offered readings. ( 400 words)

2- Complete the Schwartz Values Surveys included with the teaching. Use this as a tool to help you critically reflect on your personal values: the values you prioritise, how those values are shaped by your ethical journey and how your current actions and behaviour reflect the values. Use this reflection to help you complete the template table provided on page 5 and include as your answer.

3. Finally choose a photograph of a place that is personally special to you, reflect on why it is special to you and try to make explicit links to your values in explaining this and try to outline how this reflects your ideas of ERS ( 100 words).

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