Describe the typical customer who would shop at your store, catalog, or website, assignment help q

basically write down an essay for me , the information is below . write it as hard as you can.  i listed all the information below this, and connect all the information i have given, and write like you own work please, dont copy from internet. at least 600 words. 

Describe the typical customer who would shop at your store, catalog, or website. In your essay, include the following about your customer:

• Age range 28 

• Gender  male 

• Environment  urban

 • Lifestyle :  IT  Manager   Family lives:Queen 

• Income range : 115,642 USD

• Values and viewpoints :systems experts who plan, coordinate and oversee an organization’s computer

• Education : Post-Graduate

• Marital status: single 

Paper writing for ENG 101

For this task, I chose online learning as source supported recommendation.

The Task

Paper 1 is a
thesis-driven, source-supported recommendation to the District 81 School
Board, regarding the use of technology in education.

The Scenario

District 81 School Board has asked you to join their Technology Taskforce as a
college or high school student-representative. The Technology
Taskforce has been tasked with exploring and updating the Board’s stance
on technology use in education. They are looking to make a more
modern statement about technology in education, dealing with a range of
technology-related issues (see the list below).

As the student-representative,
your role with the taskforce is to provide a recommendation about one of
the technology issues below. It’s your choice. The School
Board members are the audience. As the only student-representative on the
taskforce, the Board is interested in your experience as a student, as
well as your insight and response to two early articles about
the affects of the internet, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external
Nicolas Carr and “Get Smarter” (Links to an external
site.)Links to an external site.
by Jamais
Cascio. Your recommendation must make a claim about an issue (your
thesis) and support it with your experience and the two articles.

You have a
special insight as a student or former student. Whether you are from
Spokane, a different town, a private school or were home schooled, use the
experience as an advantage to your ethos! If you
recently attended high school, then you have an accurate view of students
today; if you went to high school long ago, then maybe you could use the
experience section to argue for the need for more technology literacy
in the classroom or less of it in order to acquire a good
foundation. The point is that your experience can easily be used to
support a variety of positions.

recommendation can be in favor or against an issue. A middle ground
might be appropriate too. You don’t have to support or oppose the
issue broadly; you could recommend limited use for certain classes, grades, or
situations. For example you could argue for laptop use only in English or
AP courses, or electronic textbooks for the main classes, or social media
only under certain circumstances, etc.


·Student use of smart phones

·Use of social media for students,
teachers, and/or administrators

·Smart classrooms

·Trading textbooks for the electronic

·Laptops for all students

·Online courses for students

·Others options? check with
me first before venturing to a non-listed

The Details

·Roughly 3 to 5 pages in

·Typed and double spaced, using Times
New Roman font, size 12 font, 1-inch margins

·Include a title that announces topic
and hints at thesis

·Integrate and Cite in MLA the
two sources:

o“Is Google Making Us Stupid?” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

o“Get Smarter” (Links to an external
site.)Links to an external site.

·Include a correctly formatted
Works Cited page that lists both essays used in your paper

oThe Works Cited page does not count
toward the required page

Help with literature question

  • Part 1 This is the poem

My Papa’s Waltz

The whiskey on your breath
Could make a small boy dizzy;
But I hung on like death:
Such waltzing was not easy.

We romped until the pans
Slid from the kitchen shelf;
My mother’s countenance
Could not unfrown itself.

The hand that held my wrist
Was battered on one knuckle;
At every step you missed
My right ear scraped a buckle.

You beat time on my head
With a palm caked hard by dirt,
Then waltzed me off to bed
Still clinging to your shirt.

  • What is the theme of the poem? How do you know this is the theme?
  • What poetic devices (rhythm, figurative language, etc.) are used in the poem? Offer at least two examples.
  • How do these poetic devices contribute to the development of the poem’s message?
Part 2 Use the same poem from part 1 (listen to the poem )

  • How did hearing the poem recited aloud compare to a silent reading of it?
  • Did the performance highlight certain words or phrases that were not as apparent in a silent reading?
  • Did the pace change and, if so, how did it change your understanding of the poem?
  • Did words have different connotations and, if so, what kind(s) of connotation did you associate with the poem?
  • Do you think reading poetry aloud is a worthwhile endeavor when analyzing it? Why, or why not?

Please read direction 

need only 300 words for both parts  there 2 part question separate them but only 300 words for all 

Paper – Developmental Psychology Research Designs

In developmental psychology, the focus of research is often to examine change over time. Developmental psychologists have some special research designs that allow them to accomplish this. Two such research designs are the cross-sectional design and the longitudinal design. A cross-sectional design measures different groups of people of different ages at the same time. A longitudinal design measures the same group of people at different ages and also, therefore, at different times.

Use your textbook and the Argosy University online library resources to identify and research a topic in adult development (e.g., memory, muscle strength, etc.) that you wish to examine across various age agroups. Develop an outline for either a cross-sectional or longitudinal research design. Write  a paper consisting of the following information:

  • An introduction to the topic you selected, including a summary of at least one peer-reviewed journal article describing recent research (post 2005) on the topic;
  • A description of  how you will measure the topic of study (e.g., the dependent variable).
  • A description of  which type of design will be used and why that would be most appropriate. Also identify what age groups will be studied.
  • On the basis of your readings and research, provide a prediction of what you expect to find upon completion of your study.

Apply APA standards to citation of sources. Your paper should be double-spaced with one-inch margins, written in APA style, and free of typographical and grammatical errors.  It should include a title page with a running head and a reference page. The body of the paper should be 3-5 pages in length.

By Wednesday, January 8, 2014, deliver your assignment to the M1: Assignment 3 Dropbox.

Annotated bibliography and the UMUC library databases, assignment help

This assignment will help prepare you to write your research paper,
which is  due later in the course. The topic you select should be one
that is of interest to you, discussed in the course, and one that you
would like to research and write about.

For the annotated
bibliography assignment you will decide on a topic, formulate a research
question and select a case  from the resources available in the UMUC
library databases. Once you have selected your case, you will also
conduct a literature review identifying 5-6 additional scholarly sources
that relate to your topic, one of which is the case study selected by

 (For example, if you have an interest in Diversity, you
would formulate a research question related to diversity, locate a case
study in the library related to diversity,( typically a company case
that has a diversity initiative, problem, etc.)  and then search for
scholarly articles related to your topic and research question). The
UMUC librarians can also assist you with this assignment.

you have identified your topic, case study, scholarly sources and
formatted your question, you will write your annotations. You must have
at least 5-6 annotations (4-5 articles and 1 case study).

Each annotation includes four parts: 

1. summary of the article or summary of the case study selected from the UMUC library databases

2. the credentials of the author(s)

3. credibility of the source (peer-reviewed, non-peer-reviewed)

4. how you will use the information in your paper.

Each part must be discussed in each annotation, therefore each annotation is at least several paragraphs.

Strategic Management in Dynamic Environments

600-800 words

Your team attends a trade conference on the subject of globalization.
They have attended several seminars both advocating and dismissing
implementing a global strategy. You return to the office and share some
of what you have learned with the team.

“Globalization is a very interesting topic and can get very heated,”
you explain. “There are some countries and companies who are fiercely
loyal to their homes and would not consider going global. Others see it
as a benefit to the company and their customers. Some people here in the
states believe that American-made is best because we are contributing
to our home country. But, is it? Is it always best to stay domestic? How
does this impact pricing? Are you truly helping?”

As your team ponders these questions, you start to think about your position on the topic. Complete the following:

  • Are you for or against globalization?
  • Is your recommendation for your company to go global? Why or why not?
  • How does globalization impact the marketplace as a whole?
  • Has your opinion changed from the beginning to now?

Standardized Terminologies in Health Care Databases

To prepare:

  • Review this week’s Learning Resources focusing on the significance of standardized terminologies in health care settings. Consider how standardized terminologies are important in the development and use of databases and clinical information systems.
  • Explore the websites of major health care organizations to determine their recommendations on acceptable standardized terminologies.
  • Determine the standardized terminologies currently used by your health care organization (or one with which you are familiar).
  • Consider the standard terminologies (recommended by a major medical organization or based on your experiences) you would like to see incorporated into your organization’s databases and clinical information systems. What would be the benefit of using these particular standards? How might this impact the quality of the information retrieved from databases within your organization?


Post a description of at least one standardized terminology that is recommended by a major health care organization. Assess how or if this terminology is incorporated into your organization’s databases and clinical information systems. Identify at least one additional standardized terminology you would like to see incorporated into the organization’s databases. Analyze the importance of incorporating this terminology and how this could impact the quality of the data retrieved from the databases. Justify your response.

Use these references:

Dontje, K., & Coenen, A. (2011). Mapping evidence-based guidelines to standardized nursing terminologies. Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 29(12), 698–705.

Hayrinen, K., Lammintakanen, J., & Saranto, K. (2009). Evaluation of electronic nursing documentation—nursing process model and standardized terminologies as keys to visible and transparent nursing. International Journal of Medical Informatics, 79(8), 554–564.

Thoroddsen, A., Ehnfors, M., & Ehrenberg, A. (2011). Content and completeness of care plans after implementation of standardized nursing terminologies and computerized records. Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 29(10), 599–607.

Frisher, M., Short, D., & Bashford, J. (2010). Determining patient characteristics for decision analysis support systems using anonymized electronic patient records. Health Informatics Journal, 16(1), 49–57.

Huryk, L. A. (2012). Information systems and decision support systems. American Journal of Nursing, 112(1), 62–65.

Leadership in the Global Environment


For this assignment, please select three of the following trends in global business, and then choose the leadership theory or model you believe would allow you, as a global leader, to effectively address each trend. You should choose a different theory or model for each trend.

Search the Capella University Library and the Internet to locate recent, relevant articles on the trends you selected. You will need at least three articles to use as support for your work on this assignment.

Organize this assessment logically, using headings and sub-headings appropriately. Include a title page and reference page, and follow APA guidelines for all citations and references.

Global Business Trends
  • Geopolitical realignment.
  • Continued global violent extremism.
  • U.S. economic resurgence.
  • Post-BRICS emerging markets.
  • New resource slump cycle.
  • Accelerating global climate change.
  • Depopulation waves.
  • IT revolution 2.0.
  • Rise of the machines.
  • Evolving artificial intelligence.
  • Cyber insecurity.
  • Changing nature of power.
  • Automated deep learning.
  • Big data analytics.
  • Other.
Leadership Theories or Models
  • Situational Leadership.
  • Path-Goal Theory.
  • Leader-Member Exchange Theory.
  • Transformational and Transactional Leadership.
  • Authentic Leadership.
  • Servant Leadership.
  • Adaptive Leadership.
  • Transcendent Leadership.
  • Spiritual Leadership.
  • Integrated Leadership.


For each of the trends you select, complete the following:

  • Explain the trend and why it is relevant to global business leaders.
  • Identify the leadership theory or model you would use to address the trend.
  • Analyze the application of the theory to the trend.
    • Explain why the theory or model you selected is the appropriate one to address the trend.
    • Provide an example of how you would use the theory or model to effectively address the trend.
    • Explain the advantages and limitations of using the theory or model to address the trend.

Be sure you support your statements using citations and references from at least 3 scholarly or professional resources.

Additional Requirements

  • Include a title page and reference page.
  • Number of pages: 3–5, not including title page and reference page.
  • Number of resources: At least 3.
  • APA format for citations and references.
  • Times New Roman font, 12 point.
  • Double-spaced.

Diversity in the Media

Task 5

Diversity in the Media

Locate a magazine/ periodical of your choice (it can’t be a newspaper). Once you have done so find and analyze three ads found inside that magazine:

    Research and analyze the target readership of the magazine/periodical you selected: look for clues about targeting gender, age range and economic status.

    Analyze the specific demographics (gender, age, economic status) to which your selected ad caters . Please be sure to substantiate your claims: WHY do you believe the target demographics are as you describe them? How do the three ads you have selected target that specific demographics?

    Write a two-page (at least) report where you address the questions described above. Note that the evaluation of this exercise is based mostly on how well you described the rationale for the choices you make in this report.

    Need a one page canvas post and also one page reply to a friends post?

    Question : Considering all the material you have studied this semester in this course, how will changes in ethnic, sociological and technological factors that make up the United States alter the relative importance of the 4 P’s. What structural changes will business managers have to deal with as a result of these environmental changes and does “capitalism” as we currently practice it have a place in 2050 commerce.

    Need a one page post.

    Friends post: I don’t see this shift in the 4 Ps as having any impact that would alter capitalism and shift towards some other market. The rise in new market segments due to changes in demographics such as the growth of the Hispanic market will cause the product and placement of the product to target that demographic more. Millennials are keen on triple bottom line accounting meaning outside of the bottom line cash flow the social and environmental impact has to be taken into consideration and reflected as being positive. This is driven by the consumer in the free market hence the success of Whole Foods, Toms, Lush, and interface carpet as well as Protor and Gamble have all taken on elements of this new social/environmental accountability.

    Need a reply post.