career research project first draft

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First draft is due on Sunday. I believe you have the work plan that you did for me last week because the project should be on the same topics we stated on that work plan. All the information for the project is below.

Read the prompt carefully and refer to it several times during the process of completing this project.

Career Research Project Prompt.docx

Below is a sample of the CRP.

Follow the format shown.

Keep in mind that this sample has been uploaded to

Any similarity to this sample will be considered plagiarism.

Career Research Report.pdf

Since this assignment requires the APA format, you are to read page 415 through 418 very carefully and while citing your sources in your research continuously refer back to these pages to make sure you have cited correctly.

The first draft of this assignment needs to be minimum 1800 words.( This is what i want you to work on because its due on Sunday)

Your will peer review your partner’s project and vise versa.

If you fail to peer review the first draft, you will loose the points for the assignment.

Here is the peer review form you need to complete.

Peer Review Form – Career Paper.doc

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