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The other alternative is a career path. A model chart is attached. Some explanation is given here. The pathway for doing the chart is indicated by circled numbers and arrows. You start the analysis in the middle column and at the top. You decide how you want to end/complete your carrer. (Use bullets. For example, — VP of a medium-size corporation; — income of x; –responsibility for sales; — supervision of x employees; — etc.) The you go down the chart by 5 year increments. What are your intermediate end-states/goals? What do you need to accomplish at 20 years to be where you want to end up at 25Years? Go down the middle column from circled 1 to 6. At 6 you describe the NOW state or what you begin the climb with (educations, expereince, etc.). Now you go up the left column, describing the steps you must take to reach the 5, 10, 15, 20, and finally 25 year goals. At each 5 year stage, there is a dotted line/arrow to the right Column (Plan B). There you descrie with bullets the choice you will make if you fail to reach the goal or end-state in the middle. For example, change companies, go into self-emloyed business or vice-versa, retire, be happy with what you have ahieved, give yourself more time to reach your goals.

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