Cabinet members are nominated by the President, then confirmed by the Senate, discussion help

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Write a 200 words or more on why agree with this paragraph.

Cabinet members are nominated by the President, then confirmed by the Senate.  They can also be dismissed at any time by the President, this leads me to a very simple question. Isn’t this a decisive conflict of interests?  In order to maintain their title as Secretary, or Attorney General, they must to some degree ensure they keep on the good side of the President of the United States.  Depending on the man or woman holding the office, a mere difference of opinion may lead to conflict followed by dismissal, taking for granted this would be a more extreme situation.  So in the game of self-interests that is politics, it is most prudent to maintain a cordial relationship with the boss.  While this is true in every work place, the nation and worldwide ramifications of Cabinet level positions should not be crippled to the opinions of one man, for no matter how wise he or she may be there are always topics in which they will be ignorant of in some aspects.  In addition to this during any debate or argument both sides will have valid points and detractors, therefore producing the best result will be nearly unfailingly a compromise.

There are 15 different official cabinet members, 16 if the Vice-President is to be included.  These 16 people maintain a vast variety of jobs, ranging from agriculture to homeland security, and also have a weekly meeting with the President to inform him or her of the current state of the individual departments.  The President will ultimately receive the criticism for every mistake that he or she knew nothing about, but conversely would be showered in glory for the achievements which the groundwork was painstakingly laid out by another.  So in regards to this it would be logical for the President to at least agree with the plans set forth by the Cabinet members.  However, because they are the subject matter expert of their particular department, the Cabinet members should be almost fully autonomous with any policy regarding their department.  Furthermore, any aspect outside of their area of expertise should not have any bearing on their department, unless it is encroaching into theirs e.g. the Department of Treasury will be in every departments’ checkbooks and budgets.  In conclusion I believe that the Cabinet members, while not beyond reproach, should be permitted to have an opinion differing from, and in some cases conflicting with, the President of the United States of America, as debates with muliple strong opinions frequently reach the strongest conclusion.

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