itech homework 2

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For this assignment, you will need to write a 2-3 page report on the concept of “Big Data”. You will have to research a bit online to find out more. You should focus however on the concept as it relates to Metropolitan areas (or how it could be used to help metropolitan areas or smart cities).


·  Be sure to use APA style for information that you find.

·  Use 12pt font and Times New Roman, Ariel or Calibri font throughout the paper

·  Include a cover page that includes your name , section, class and “Big Data” as the assignment title

·  Note that the cover page does not count towards page length

Questions to think about:

Explain what “Big Data” is and any challenges / problems that you find.  Think about where all of the data would come from. How it is collected? What information would / could be collected?  How would all of the data be used? What could cities use all of this data for? Do you think there would be more positive or negative outcomes if cities could make use of all the data? What problems do you foresee?   

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