write a research about strategic operations management decisions 1

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The reaearch should be :

1- about a famous company ( Apple , Google , GM , Ford , Microsoft … etc )

2- 10 – 15 Pages

3- answers the folwoing questions if applicable 



The Critical Decisions

 1. Design of goods and services

 What good or service should we offer?

 How should we design these products and services?

 2. Managing quality

How do we define quality?

 Who is responsible for quality?

3. Process and capacity design

 What process and what capacity will these products require?

 What equipment and technology is necessary for these processes?

 4. Location strategy

 Where should we put the facility?

On what criteria should we base the location decision?

5. Layout strategy

 How should we arrange the facility?

 How large must the facility be to meet our plan?

6. Human resources and job design

How do we provide a reasonable work environment?

 How much can we expect our employees to produce?

7. Supply-chain management

 Should we make or buy this component?

Who should be our suppliers and how can we integrate them into our strategy?

8. Inventory, material requirements planning, and JIT

 How much inventory of each item should we have?

 When do we re-order?

9. Intermediate and short–term scheduling

Are we better off keeping people on the payroll during slowdowns?

Which jobs do we perform next?

10. Maintenance

 How do we build reliability into our processes?

Who is responsible for maintenance?

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