2 page crucible paper

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I didn’t know if someone could do my English paper for me over the play of the Crucible. What I have to do is… “Analyze Abigail Williams from the play by considering the following questions: How is the social status of Abigail affected her involvement with the trials? What does Abigail stand to gain or lose by her involvement or noncompliance with the trails? How does Abigail self-perception/ personal identity change over the course of the play? These are the questions to consider when formatting your response…. Don’t just answer them for your essay.” That is what my teacher sent me for what I’m suppose to write about. The paper has to be 2-3 pages typed in 12 point font in Times New Roman or Franklin Gothic Book. You have to use 3 supporting direct quotations to help your evidence from the play in your paper. Have to use the Crucible as part of a hook to introduce the topic and then transition to the thesis statement and then your thesis statement. Then you have to have your obvious that the paper has a introduction, body and conclusion, each body paragraph has a topic sentence, and transitions are used between paragraphs. 

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