900 word paper needed asap 1

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Here’s my requirements for my essay. My sustainable topic is “improper disposal of hazardous waste management.”

Evaluation Essay Assignment:

Writing Arguments formulates a general categorical evaluation claim as follows: “This thing/phenomenon is/is not a good member of its class because its meets (fails to meet) criteria A, B, and C” (287). In 900-1,200 words (not including references/works cited), categorically evaluate some phenomenon, activity, or thing in terms of our larger class theme: sustainability (specifically, environmental sustainability).

You must decide what category you will argue your phenomenon/activity/thing is in (what category is composting in, or hydropower? “Hydropower is a good example of a sustainable energy source.” “Hydropower is not a good example of a sustainable energy source.” “Hydropower is a good example of a large scale sustainable infrastructure investment.” “Hydropower is an excellent source of energy.” Etc.). Next you must formulate criteria for your category. Try to think about several phenomena/activities/things that fit in your category, and then determine what all those phenomena/activities/things have in common. Ask yourself why each criterion is essential to the category. You must justify your criteria. When justifying your criteria, make sure to avoid circular arguments (e.g. something is sustainable because it is sustainable).

Please write your paper according to the conventions of closed form prose. Also must include a minimum of 3 sited sources MLA format (1 source must be a peer review scholar journal)

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