how do i solve with explanation m 2 8m 16 5m 2 m

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how do I solve with explanation m^2-8m+16/5m^2+m

I must use the following terms to explain my answer:


Excluded Value



Real Numbers

Here is an example:

5 – 9w /9w^2-4

9w2  – 4 = 0 I notice this is a difference of squares which I can factor. 

(3w – 2)(3w + 2) = 0 Set each factor equal to zero. 

3w – 2 = 0 or 3w + 2 = 0 Add or subtract 2 from both sides. 

3w = 2 or 3w = -2 Divide both sides by 3. 

w = 2/3 or w = -2/3 These are the excluded values for my second expression

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