psy paper tic disorder

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here is what need to write: Tic disorder


Tic disorder have been a large issue in neural basis of the development for last decade. Attempts to fight this problem have been met both success and failure. This paper outlines background evidence and theory of tic disorder including; history, background, sign and symptom, and
cause. The paper will also interlinked with OCD and ADHD, which is the two most common disorders. In addition, it contains a number of methods used to contain the issue, their efficacy, and other successful treatments and case we need to consider if we are to beat the problem and continue living healthy and happy living.

I need to write about this MAX 10 page with Double space.

need to be done by April 27.2014, which is this sunday.

I started to wrote little bit and please find a attached fileUnwoo Chun-psy324.docx

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