case study 21

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The attach document is the case which you have to write case analysis for. PLEASE BE SURE TO ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS IN THE CASE ANALYSIS AND THE FOLLOWING IS THE FORMAT.

Written case studies are an individual effort. These case analyses must succinctly present 

the problem, present the relevant calculations, discuss the problem from multiple point of 

views, and provide the recommended conclusions. The report is to be a maximum of 4 

pages (double-spaced, font size 12, New Times Roman font, one-inch margins). You are 

to distill the essence of the case and present it professionally – as if it were going to your 


NOTE: Points will be deducted for misspelled words and incorrect grammar and 

punctuation. If necessary, you should be using spell-check and grammar-check software. 

Recommended Structure (Memo Format): 

1) Introduction (appr. 0.5 page) 

a. Briefly introduce yourself (you are a fictional consultant) 

b. Explain the purpose of the memo 

2) Main Discussion (appr. 3 pages) 

a. Discuss case questions 

b. Provide alternative views 

c. Include your own opinions/ideas 

3) Conclusion (appr. 0.5 page) 

a. Discuss your recommendation(s) 

b. Provide contact information (of the fictional consultant)

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