statistics 13

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Complete each of the following ANOVA summary tables.  In addition, answer the following questions for each of the ANOVA summary tables:

A.  What is the factorial notation?

B.  How many conditions were in the study?

C.  How many subjects were in the study?

D.  Identify significant main effects and interaction effects.

Source      DF      SS         MS        F

A               1          60 

B               2          40 

AxB           2          90 

Error        30 

Total         35        390

Source        DF       SS           MS        F

A                  2          40

B                  3          60

AxB              6         150 

Error            72 

Total             83        400

Source         DF       SS        MS      F

A                  1           10 

B                  1           60

AxB              1           20

Error            36   

Total             39         150

Please explain in detail how you arrived at the answer.  I am trying to learn this material.

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