Reading Reflection

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In your Reading Reflections, I ask you to first read the assigned texts and then respond to them in a coherent, well-considered piece of writing (about 300 words; please double-space and use 12-point font!).

The purpose here is two-fold: First, I am asking you to reflect on what you have read. For that purpose, I am asking you to come up with two or three thoughts of your own regarding what you have just read. Possible questions to guide your reflection might include: What were your thoughts while reading the chapter(s)? How does the material link up with what you already knew about the process of writing – does it add, change anything? How could you use what you just read in your own writing practice? and similar questions.

The second purpose is for you to then put down those reflections in writing, in a coherent and clear piece of writing of your own. You will draw on this piece of writing during class discussion, and it will also serve as material for your other writing projects (major writing assignments and the steps that take you there – invention work, mind-mapping/organization, drafting – final reflection essay). How you respond to the texts we read is up to you, as long as it engages with the texts in a serious, considered, and cogent manner.



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