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this work must be completed in a office word document using the math add in equation editor.


1.  Use the midpoint formula. Find the midpoint between the following points.


  1. A(1,4) and B(5,6).
  2. A(4, 6) and B(-2, -2)
  3. A(3, -4) and B(5, 4)
  4. A(-3,2) and B(6,0)


2.  Use the distance formula. Find the distance between  the points in Problem 1, above.

3.  Calculate the slopes of the lines determined by the points in Problem 1.

4.  Find the equations of the lines determined by the points in Problem 1.  Write the equations in slope-intercept form.

5.  Plot each point of the following points, and connect them to form the triangle ABC.  Find the area of the triangle using two techniques;  Heron’s Formula, and the three-point coordinate formula (see Math Open Reference, 2009).  Show your work in detail.  Prove that both methods yield the same results.

  1. A(-2,5);  B(1, 3);  C(-1,0)
  2. A(-5,3);  B(6, 0);  C(5,5)
  3. A(4,-3);  B(0,-3);  C(4,2)
  4. A(4,-3);  B(4, 1);  C(2,1)

Assignment Expectations:

Calculate the distance formula.

Calculate the midpoint formula.

Use the Pythagorean Theorem

Use the area formula of a triangle.



document 2


again this is ment to be in microsoft word document using the equation editor again


Let’s continue to look at formulas.

  1. If the point (2,5) is shifted 3 units to the right and 2 units down in the X-Y plane, what are its new coordinates?
  2. If the point (-1,6) is shifted 2 units to the left and 4 units up, what are its new coordinates.
  3. Find all the points having an x-coordinate of 3 whose distance from the point (-2, -1) is 13.
  4. Find all the points having a y-coordinate of -6 whose distance is from the point (1,2) is 17.
  5. Find all points on the y-axis that are 6 units from the point (4, -3).

Assignment Expectations:

Calculate using the distance formula.

Calculate using the midpoint formula.

Calculate using  the Pythagorean Theorem.

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