Business Consulting slides.

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The assignment is to act as if you are working as a business consulting company. 
You have been assigned to create a system for proper performance appraisals, for a start up company known as CanGo.
You are to do one slide with how to do the evalution and then do another slide showing an employee eval.  It is imperative that these directions be clear conicse and put in speaker notes as to why this method will work. ANd why it is important to have a good system in place for both employee’s and management.
The slides must look highly professional and the system has to be an actual proven one. So that you may show proof if asked to show a history of the system working for other businesses while speaking.
Remember 2 Slides one with how to do the evaluation and one showing an example of the evaluation.
Additionally put any references in APA format on a third slide.  No title slide is needed.

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