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In this activity, you will use data from your textbook to analyze the internal situation of the coffee industry. I have scanned the chapter you need in order to complete this work. It is attached as 2 separate files. You need to study both of course in order to complete this.

In Chapter 4 (the second part of the attached scanned copy of the chapter) go to the section, “Concepts and Connections 4.1.” (page 80 of the textbook).Review the information provided on costs and markups associated with producing and distributing a pound of fair trade organic coffee in coffee shops.

Given the information found in this section, post a response to the following with no less than 300 words:

  • Does the increased popularity of organic products create an industry value chain that differs from the traditional value chain? Why or why not?
  • What happens to the traditional value chain, if increasing numbers of consumers purchase fair trade coffee?

Make sure the coffee industry value chain has been explained with relevant examples and changed external circumstances have been taken into account. Assure the post demonstrates adequate research and understanding of key concepts.

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