Business Research Methods in Marketing

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1- Research Aims and Objectives:

This is a one page (500 words) outline of what your research question will be. In addition you should include the following

  • You should also set out the aims and objectives of your research
  • Why are you undertaking this project?
  • How do you intend to conduct this research
  • Assessment

    Clarity of the research question, aims and objectives

    How researchable is the research question?

    Professional presentation – spelling/grammar

    2- Literature review:

    This is a (1,000 words) outline of the theory that you will use to determine the basis for your research project.


  • How widely/deeply has the student read his subject?
  • Have the key and recent seminal texts been mentioned?
  • Has there been critical engagement with the literature?
  • To what extent is the text adequately referenced?
  • Is there a separate list of references?
  • 3- Methodology:

    This is a two page (1000 word) outline of your methodology with details of the areas that you will be examining/reviewing. For example, if you are conducting a questionnaire, you need to include these questions and their relevance to your research question.


  • How well has the student justified his choice of method(s)?
  • How well has the student explained the limitations of his chosen method(s)?
  • How appropriate is the research method to the aim and objectives?
  • Has the data collection tool (e.g. questionnaire) been designed appropriately to measure what it set out to achieve?
  • 4- Methodology evaluation:

    This is a one page (500 words) evaluation of your methodology. You need to conduct a pilot and evaluate your findings. For example, you will use your questionnaire on a small number of people and evaluate your findings. Which questions worked/did not work and why? What changes will you make?


  • Clarity of findings
  • Identification of issues
  • Outline of proposed changes
  • *** Words count = 3000 words.

    *** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

    *** Three attachments has been uploaded that might help you.

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