Business and Women

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Please answer the following two question. The files and link for the reading are attached. Write one page, single space, APA Citation (Both in text, and work cited). Finally also use an outside source.

  • Abu-Lughod’s critique in “Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving?” asks us to carefully re-examine our concepts that women in America are “liberated”, while women in the Middle East are “oppressed”. What does she say about this belief? How does it relate to the critiques Ehrenreich and Hochschild are making in the introduction to Global Woman?
  • In the excerpt we read from The Handmaid’s Tale, we learn about divisions placed among women by the powers now controlling the country. What’s your sense of what these divides are, and how they work to keep women oppressed and obedient? Do you think they’re still a problem in the US at the current moment?

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