biomaterials and materials sciences questions

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please read and answer this questions carefully

Bone Golf

A level question is 3 over par

B level question is 2 over par

C level question is 1 over par

D level question is par

Lowest score wins!!! Please show all work for full credit!

1.) (par 3)a.) What are the main components of bone?

b.) What is the relative amount of each?

c.) Which living animal has the largest bones and skeletal system?

d.) Which animal has the smallest? Which bone is the smallest?

2.)a.) Define Stress shielding.

b.) What is Bone Source?

c.) Calculate the Packing Factor for a Diamond Cubic (DC) Crystal.

d.) What is the maximum Packing Factor attainable for a DC?

3.) a.) The outer covering of bone is called the ­­­­___________ .

b.) The end portion of bone is called the _____________ .

c.) Marrow tissue resides within the ____________________________ .

d.) What unique cell types does Marrow Tissue contain?

4.) a.) How many bones are in the adult skeletal system?

b.) How many bones does a senior have?

c.) How many bones does a baby have?

d.) Give two names for the two types of bone?

5.) a.) What is Wolf’s Law?

b.) Name the two types of channels that provide vasculature for bone.

c.) Bone can be considered as a very smart material because of this phenomena which it exhibits.

d.) Who discovered this phenomena?

6.) a.) Name 5 specific bones in your body.

b.) Name 15 different bones in your body.

c.) Name 30 different bones in your body.

d.) Name all the bones in your skeletal system.

7.) a.) What is the ideal chemical formula for hydroxyapatite?

b.) What is the crystal structure of hydroxyapatite?

c.) How many atoms are in the unit cell of hydroxyapatite?

d.) What are the unit cell parameters for hydroxyapatite?

e.) Calculate the Packing Factor and density for hydroxyapatite.

8.) a.) Which cells help produce new bone by synthesizing and depositing bone matrix?

b.) Which cells are responsible for resorbing bone in the remodeling process?

c.) What is the origin of these cells?

d.) What is the theoretical maximum specific surface area of hydroxyapatite?

9.) a.) What is the Moh’s Hardness of Hydroxyapatite?

b.) Which cells in bone are most like nerve cells?

c.) Name the types of cells that are most prevalent in bone.

d.) What is the unique origin of each of these cells?

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