biomaterials and materials sciences questions homework assignment

Biomaterials Homework Assignment

please read and answer all 5 questions carefully. Do not copy something from online… this is articale that you will need

1) (10) Crystals play a very important role in the world of biomaterials. As a continued introduction to crystals, please explore the webpage ( It includes a host of information and videos to help you learn about and appreciate the wonderful world of crystals and symmetry. Please look at the slides for Chapter 2 (2.1, 2.2, and 2.3) in which you will be introduced to unique features of crystals and Miller Indices and crystal planes.

  • 2) (30 points) We discussed some of the greatest innovations in Biomedical Engineering Technology and Biomaterials Design in terms of a Historical Timeline for the initial discovery during a previous Biomaterials Learning Workshop. You have been assigned the task of selecting the top three discoveries as part of a consulting agreement. Briefly describe some of the most recent innovations that have occurred for the development of these discoveries (post 2002 and as close to the present as possible). Select your favorite Innovation/Discovery from the three and prepare a historical timeline of your own that highlights key discoveries and/or developments that have occurred since its initial discovery to its present state of development.
  • 3) (30 points) Read the National Geographic Article about the brain that we briefly discussed in class and write a summary that describes that top three things that impressed you the most about our wonderful brains and how they function. Describe how new sample preparation and imaging techniques enable us to learn more about the brain.
  • 4) 1.) (30 points) Read the article on the new Ti-Au alloys and answer the following questions. a) Sketch the unit cell for Ti3Au. b) Calculate the atomic packing factor for Ti3Au c) Calculate the density for Ti3Au **d) Draw an accurate sketch and Derive the equation for Braggs Law. Define all terms. Given that d = a/(h^2 + k^2 + l^2)^0.5, derive a new expression of Braggs Law that eliminates the sin theta term. e) Calculate the d spacing for all peaks shown in the XRD pattern for Ti3Au. How can you determine the peaks that gave rise to the XRD peaks?

5) Group HW problem (2-3 per team)

Crystal structure models are important in visualizing the unseen. Develop a “sweet” model for the 14 space groups using toothpicks and candy. Is there a crystal structure for sugar? If yes, then build it. If no, why not?

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