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– Topic will be about ( How can sanitation influence health in India) 12 times new roman, double spaced, and using MLA style for references.

– Bibliographic citations should detail all publication information for all sources used. Bibliographies should follow the guidelines of your declared style, including spacing, order of sources, titling the page (is it Works Cited, References, or Bibliography?), punctuation in the right places, etc.

– 2 Academic Journal Articles: you are required for two academic journal articles to use in the research. These articles should provide substance for the project so be judicious. (Book reviews and editorials don’t count).

– 1 Academic Book/eBook: you are required to include one book, either print or electronic. Ideally, this should be a scholarly monograph or a chapter from an edited volume of essays. If so, just be sure to cite it properly. (This should NOT be a reference book, encyclopedia, or textbook).

– 1 Supplementary Source: Include an additional source of your choice This source can be another book (excluding encyclopedia, reference books or textbooks) data, government report, or primary source ( but not a website).

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