Beliefs and Evidence, discussion help

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Without getting too personal,

This has been a downfall for me when it comes to personal relationships and I have vowed to turn my way of thinking around. I can be so objective in other scenarios and other relationships, but when it comes to men and matters of the heart, my ability to apply these four steps is out the window. The errors in my reasoning I know are there, but I just don’t see them when love is involved.

I don’t think I have to necessarily hone in one situation in particular for you to understand what I’m talking about. All the signs point to the contrary, the red flags are just all over the place, but what happens to your voice of reason? When you sit down and self-reflect, you can see what’s relevant, the circularity, and you already know what the conclusion is going to be, but you try to believe what you consider to be true. When do you really see the difference between your truth and what is actually true?

Pls comments 

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