band management performance and imagery correlation

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On the PPT chapter3 , please see the brand pyramid model for the POPs and PODs – performance and imagery associations. And answer the following question(APA styles, 2-3pages):

a.Who is the target market for Audi– include demographics, lifestyle, and motives (what benefits and results are they looking for? How does the brand line relate to their lifestyle?).

b.Based on the target description motives (benefits sought), What is the competitive frame-of-reference? In other words, what other brands or choices might provide the same benefits? List and explain.

c. What are Audis ‘category points-of-parity’ (what do they need to offer that every brand must offer to this target segment?).

d.What are their and points-of-difference (what do they do differently than other brands (think about products attributes, user imagery, brand history, values, brand personality, other).

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