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Week 2: What Will You Learn? Reflective Journal

Reflective Journal Some weeks, you will use Wakelet to reflect on the learning connections you are making. Wakelet gives you some creative options to document and reflect on your academic journey. This journal will help you think about your strengths and limitations and give you a chance to grow from your experiences.  Reflection is something […]

M4.1 Engage: Challenge: What’s Your Wicked Problem?

GRAB A 50 % DISCOUNT AND ACCESS YOUR FOR HELP IN ANSWERING THESE QUESTION IN LESS THAN 6 HOURS.  Discount Code: Code50 What is the contemporary global issue or problem (social, cultural, or environmental) you intend to research? Your topic must be grounded in contemporary research and practice. Write the problem as a statement (one […]


Introduction Liberal Arts Capstone unit is about studying the basics of liberal arts including critical thinking, communication, diversity and ethics related with the competencies of workforce related needs and values. This course covers the study of learning about the analytical thinking skills by preparing different products for interdisciplinary approaches, constructing products for incorporating different resources […]

Race-based bias

Topic: Race-based bias at the workplace ( Sociology ) Please go into in-depth a facet of “sociology” that fits with their personal interests. Be sure to explain, not just assert, how the chosen topic illustrates something about “society”. The final paper 3000 words (numbered, typed, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, regular 12-point Times New Roman font, without […]

Leading Strategic Change Within Organization

Using your textbook, LIRN-based research, and the Internet, apply the learning outcomes of leading strategic change within an organization course and lecture concepts to one of the following scenarios: As applied to your current professional career As applied to enhancing, improving, or advancing your current professional career As applied to a management, leadership, or any […]

business law

Use a newspaper, news magazine, or the internet (including articles posted on Canvas by instructor) to find a current article (if uncertain, please see the instructor to have your topic approved) related to business law to write about.  Briefly summarize your article and include some interesting facts or highlights. Lastly, and most importantly, discuss any […]

Article Summary

The article summary is 250-300 words in length double-spaced (1-1.5 pages), a summary of the 2 main viewpoints addressed in chapter 6 of the Wolff text, An Introduction to Moral Philosophy: psychological egoism and ethical egoism. For each viewpoint, carry out the following steps: 1) First define and explain both viewpoints: one or two sentences for each. 2) Second, […]


This project will consist of 3-4 pages (not including cover page and reference page), double spaced, 12 pt. font, APA writing style, with at least 3 references. The topics are (just choose one of them) Unique accounting methods A specific company’s cost method CPA state requirements CPA studying necessary How a ‘new’ technology impacts accounting […]

Benefits Of Global Expansion

Create an article that could be shared online that defines key terms, explains fundamental concepts, and shares relevant examples as to why domestic businesses should consider expansion into global markets. The article should have a brief introduction that explains what readers will gain from the post, a body that provides content supported with textual evidence […]

capital budgeting techniques

Please respond to the following: Define the most important capital budgeting techniques. Name at least two capital budgeting techniques (e.g., NPV, IRR, Payback Period, etc.) that you used to arrive investment decisions.