Asthma Case Study Scenario

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• Write an academic essay where you critically examine the impact of hospitalization on a patient and/or their family, who is experiencing an acute exacerbation of their chronic illness. Scenario 1 selected, 6 year old boy with Asthma.

• Select only one scenario provided in your allocated cohort group
• The impact for both the patient and family have been provided for you.
In your discussion:
Choose 1 impact on your patient and 1 impact on the family
1. Provide a detailed and comprehensive explanation on how hospitalisation can impact the
patient and the family
2. Suggest a coping strategy or strategies (could be 1 or 2) for each effect that could
support a more positive experience. The number of provided strategies is not a focus but rather, a well justified and developed arguments validated by current academic sources to support your discussion is expected.
APA 6 reference style, references no older than 5 years.
No introduction or conclusion is required
To assist with the marking, the body of your paper must include the following headings:
Chosen impact on a patient
Chosen impact on the family

Fear being in hospital, Unfamiliar environment, Afraid of being left alone, May be come withdrawn or act out aggressively, Refusal to treatment and be uncooperative.
Impacts on family
Worry and distress, Stress of managing responsibilities, Helplessness, financial impacts, Guilt, Educational concerns for their child, Fatigue.
Please see attached documents to use as a guide especially the rubic as this is what is used to grade the paper

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