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ransition from oil-fueled vehicles to all-electric ones, and how might these rivalries be overcome?

Wind, solar, and electric are great alternative resources, but wind  and solar are unpredictable due to the wind not always blowing and the  sun not always shining. How will society function without electricity  due to the wind not blowing or the sun not shining? There has to be a  way to make renewable resources much more reliable than it is.  Geo-political and energy complex rivalries that will rise are going to  be between oil companies and other companies who facilitate renewable  energy resources. In order to make renewable energy sustainable  infrastructure must change. It would take building smaller wind and  solar systems so everyone has access, analyzing the cost of existing  infrastructure, and investments. It will be hard to transition from  fossil-fuels to electric, wind, and solar due to countries having  serious investments in coal, oil, and gas. In conclusion the transition  although possible is going to be a slow one due to the investments,  infrastructure, political climate, and sustainability of renewable  resources.

In my honest estimation all-electric vehicles is a realistic  alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles due to how energy efficient  they are, but they can also be costly to maintain and purchase due to  the cost associated with all-electric vehicles may incur. Due to the  geo-political climate, oil companies are in jeopardy of their profits  being affected because the cars do not need any kind of oil, coal, or  natural gas to operate. There are positive and negative side effects. A  negative is that electric car parts are more expensive, therefore the  car companies making the innovative change are luxury brands such as  Tesla. Other brands have electric car options, but those models still  rely somewhat on gas. Also, there needs to be a charging port for the  car to run at one’s residence or a public destination. The switch can  happen, but the negative consequence mainly being cost is something that  goes against companies significantly so there has to be a way to make  the switch to electric cars economical for all and accessible charging  ports for these vehicles as well that can accommodate multiple cars at a  time that are not residential.


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