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Assignment from nickkynickky


Informational Interview (20%)

The informational interview assignment involves two separate interviews:  meeting and interviewing  1) an entrepreneur or business owner; and 2) a commercial banker or financial professional, to gather information. You should not wait until the due date to prepare, as meetings may be difficult to arrange at short notice.

If your work schedule inhibits such preparation, you may conduct the interview by telephone or via online/e-mail format.

Required Elements to include in the Informational Interview Write Up:

Students are responsible for developing questions that will garner the responses necessary to address the key elements of the assignment.

Include all of the following elements in your interview report:

1) Entrepreneur or business owner:

  • The type and nature of the business (products/services offered) and the scope of the business (whether it is local in nature, national, or international in scope);
  • Why did the person decide to go into business, and how he/she proceeded;
  • The business form (is the business is operated as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation–even an individual can form a corporation–a franchise, etc.) and the particular advantages and disadvantages of that form from the owner’s perspective when compared with other forms he/she might have chosen;
  • The challenges and rewards of business ownership;
  • The business owner’s position on ethical behavior and responsibility;
  • The impact of each environment of business (economic, competitive, technological, legal, and global) on the company and the owners response;
  • The owners strategy for gaining and maintaining new business opportunities;
  • Keys to success, from the owner’s perspective;
  • What the person would do differently if he/she had it to do all over again.
  • Critically assess the current status of the business based on concepts presented in class.What would you say is the future for this business? Would you invest in this business? Why or why not?

2) Banker, investor or financial professional:

  As to the banker or financial interview, discuss the loan or investor review process, necessity and key parts of the business plan, and what the banker or investor look for in a potential start-up or ongoing business venture as to management, experience, and vision.  

  • Interview questions should be included as an addendum to the assignment; however, these should not be counted toward the length requirement of the paper. 

Required Formatting of Informational Interview Report:

  • This report should be double spaced, 12-point font, and four pages in length excluding the title page and reference page;
  • you may use either a descriptive or Q&A format
  • Title page;
  • Introductory paragraph and a summary paragraph;
  • Use headings;
  • Write in the third person;
  • Use APA formatting for in-text citations and a reference page.You are expected to paraphrase, but may use quotes.
  • Submit the paper in the Assignment Folder.

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