Article review summary /Channel strategy, management homework help

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1. select and review/provide a summary for the two the articles seen below.


Islam, M. M., Khan, A. M., & Khan, M. M. R. (2013). Minimization of reworks in quality and productivity improvement in the Apparel Industry. International Journal of Engineering, 1(4), 2305-8269. Retrieved from

Chatterjee, M. B. (2014). Applying Lean Six Sigma in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.. Retrieved from

2. Marketers in organizations evaluate how channels are designed; and they continue to evaluate those channels and develop effective plans as channels grow or decline. Marketers evaluate the key issues related to e-commerce and m-commerce in their ability to maintain a competitive force in the marketplace; and to reach other segments of consumers in a technological environment.

Select a company and research the channel strategy. Incorporate key elements for the readings and industry research. Determine why success or failure occurred?

Your discussions should include theory based channel strategy. Academic journals and peer reviewed articles should be included in your discussions. 2 pages.

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