art and design 22

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Is it all that different?

This course forum (International Contemporary Art Shows) this week introduces more contemporary artists from shows in the past 20 years. The Encounters show specifically asked a current artist to respond to the work of an artist in the British Museum collection. The Venice Biennale and Documenta are well established European shows that attract current artists internationally. The Biennial of the Americas highlighted artists of North, Central and South America. My example is from the first Biennal in Denver.

After viewing course material from various art shows and expos over the last 20 years, do you think the purposes and intentions of contemporary art changed from traditional western art (the kind you studied in Art History ) ? How are the purposes the same? How are they different? Cite specific artists, concepts, and social or cultural changes in your answer. Use course readings and personal research on one or two artists to discuss similar or d ifferent conceptual frameworks , skill sets, artistic process from the past.

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