anthropology paper

In class on Tuesday, Oct. 9, Dr. Wells will hand out instructions for the Dozier School for Boys Archaeology UNIT PROJECT. You will also need the following document in order to complete the assignment: Archaeology Unit Project artifact typology.pdf

PLEASE be sure to read formatting instructions and the grading system. Both are really important for you to understand what is expected.

Formatting and Submission Requirements

  • 2 typed pages (excluding map and list of burials); double-spaced; one-inch margins on all four sides; Times New Roman 12 pt. font; no title; no extra lines or spaces between paragraphs
  • Submit in hard copy in class on Tuesday, Oct. 16, at 9:30 am.

Point/Grading System

30 pts. – Content/Quality (Rationale for identification of burials is strong and indicates thought and effort. 10 pts. for discussion of identification of dormitory fire victims, 10 pts. for discussion of identification of flu epidemic victims, 10 pts. for discussion of identification of Earl Wilson and Billey Jackson)

20 pts. – Content/Quality (Explanation of changes in style of burial hardware is strong and connects to broader themes in the course.)

10 pts. – Map (Ten burials are circled and labeled.)

10 pts. – Organization (Discussion of changes in style of burial hardware is organized with strong and clear introduction, thesis statement, supporting body sections, and conclusion.)

10 pts. – Paragraph Construction (Paragraphs focus on a topic and include a topic sentence, relevant details, and a concluding sentence.)

10 pts. – Sentence Structure (Sentences are complete with subject/verb agreement and express a complete thought.)

10 pts. – Grammar (No grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors)

Thats the rubric and i will attach three files one of them have questions that need to be answered in the paper as body paragraphs. The report suppose to be the answers of the questions.

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