answering 3 q on an article

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After reviewing the article ” MultiCulturalIssues_Article.pdf” posted in Shared files, submit your responses to the 3 questions to the case on the Mashalla company in a MS word document. Please follow these guidelines as you respond:

*There are total of 6 recommendations in the case. When you identify the recommendations either label them (1 through 6) and indicate the ones you chose for each question or list each of them for every question.

* In addition to identifying the recommendations for each question, also explain why you this is so, relating them back to the article background material on cultural differences and ethics.

Points breakdown:

Q1: 4

Q2: 8

Q3: 3

I attached 6 pics of the article, and ill a’ll attach the rest later because i can’t attach more than 6 pics

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