answer the following questions based on the video

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DSL 200 G

Quiz # 3

Link for the video:

The following questions should be answered after watching the attached video on climate change. The answers should be in essay form and if any outside resources are used proper citation and references need to be provided.

1. What are the main conclusions that can be reached based on this report?

2. What conclusion does the report reach about the relationship between Man and Climate Change?

3. What evidence does the report provide that may suggest that Humans have anything to do with Climate Change?

4. What affect, if any, does the report discuss about the impact of Climate Change on the American Economy?

5. What industries, according to the report, are being impacted the most by Climate Change?

6. What kind of Healthcare problems can we see in people because of Climate Change?

7. What is the position of the Trump Administration with respect to the report?

8. What action does the Report suggest we take to slow down Climate Change?

* please use simple grammar as my first language is not english and please no plagiarism*

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