Answer the following questions 18 questions family science topic

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Families are _______.









2- List the eight Family Theories. [2 points per theory – 1 pt for description, 1 pt for example]

1) Provide a brief description of each and

2) A real world example. (can be personal or made-up)

3-What are three reasons people are retreating from and/or waiting to marry?

4-List five FACTORS that make a marriage successful? (there are many factors)

5-Instead of the time for planning a wedding or becoming a “Bridezilla,” how should the period of engagement be used?

6-List and define five social and/or psychological issues engagement should allow people to deal with before they married.

7-List the Six Stations of Marriage.

Describe each station.

8-What are two important reason to become a parents? Why?

Do you think most people consider all the reason before having a child/children? Why or Why not?

9-Briefly describe three reasons why a person may be child-free?

10-The ideology of intensive mothering refers to


  • an unrealistic standard against which mothers are judged.


  • the belief that mothers are more ‘intense’ parents than are fathers.


  • the expectation that mothers need to have two or more children to be characterized as “mothers first.”


  • the adjustment period that mothers experience in the first month after delivering a child.

11-Explain each of the following methods/steps for handling conflict

1) Assertiveness

2) Cooperativeness

3) Uncooperative

4) Collaborating

5) Compromise

6) Avoidance

7) Accommodating

8) Agreement

9) Bargaining

10) Coexistence

12-What are Gottman’s, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse when it comes to handling conflict in a relationship?

Provide and explanation of each.

13- List and Describe the Six Stations of Divorce

14-What is IPV?, Why do you think it is likely highly underreported?

15- What are two physical types of child maltreatment? Describe each type.

16- What is neglect?, What are three ways a child can be neglected?

17-Who can abuse and elder and in what ways can an elder be abused?

18-Below is a link to Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Click the link, it will take you the Resources section of the website.

Click on the DV Information. Click on two of the resources from the list.

List the name of the two resource and provide a brief description about them and their work/what they do.

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