Answer all question – Training Preparation Steps Activity

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STEP 1: Review the outline below as it will inform how you complete the activity.

Moving From Needs Analysis to Training Outcomes

Problems = areas/processes that merit improvement

Goals= long-term outcomes to be accomplished

Objectives = measurable steps to be taken to meet goals

Identify and present problems to the organization/department/unit.

Identify the training goals (for the organization/department/unit).

Translate those goals into measurable steps to be taken to meet goals that are specific to the group involved in the training.

STEP 2: Consult the example below to see how to provide/present problems, goals, and objectives.

Problem: Employees do not feel they receive adequate feedback about how they

are performing.

Goal:To improve the feedback process in the organization.

Objectives: Creating a formal feedback process.

Creating routine scheduled feedback sessions.

Training managers to provide constructive feedback.

Training employees how to respond to constructive feedback.

STEP 3: Complete the remaining examples by providing goals and objectives that would accompany the problems presented.

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