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Assignment 1: Analyzing Ethical Scenarios in Writing . Review Ethical Principles from the Society for Technical Communication. Then, read each of the four scenarios below. Each of the scenarios fails to uphold at least one of the six principles listed in the article. For this assignment, you will read each scenario, identify the principle it violates, discuss how it violates the principle, and explain how the situation could be rectified.

Scenario 1:

Michael has been working as a freelance technical writer for a few years and has assembled a great portfolio he shows to prospective clients when meeting with them. He has decided he can attract more clients by creating a virtual portfolio and directing potential customers to his Web site to see examples of his work. He posts his résumé and various pieces of his work as a freelance worker on the Web site.

Scenario 2:

Jasmeen loves online role-playing games so much that she maintains a Web site devoted to these games. Her site includes images, text, and video files of the games in addition to user guides and tip sheets. She created the user guides and tip sheets herself by combining information she found on various Web sites, manufacturer user guides, and more.

Scenario 3:

Javier has been working for a software developer as a technical writer for over ten years and is very good at what he does. Because of his experience and his abilities, he usually completes his assigned projects more quickly than his colleagues do. In addition to his full-time job, Javier also takes on outside writing projects for which he is paid on a contract basis. Javier is always careful about completing his projects before using any extra time to work on his outside projects.

Scenario 4:

Minh is a project manager for a technical writing firm. Her firm is the best in town, and they are always busy. A new, high profile client has asked Minh for a quote and timeline for a large-scale project that will pay well and could lead to other similar projects. She writes a proposal that provides a quick timeframe even though the firm is already booked to capacity and some projects will have to be pushed back to accommodate this project.

Each analysis is at least 100 words and is written in formal English.

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