analysis reflection paper

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So far in this course, we have reviewed a wide range of socio-economic-environmental issues facing us in the 21st century, recognizing both the tremendous progress made to date as well the continuing challenges/threats that lie ahead.We have read/perused the following documents:

In an essay of around 1000-1250 words (roughly 4-5 double spaced pages), please summarize your main 3-4 take-aways from [each of] these readings.As with any essay, please make sure to start with a general Introduction and end with an overall conclusion reflecting on the relevance of these readings from your own perspective.There are no correct answers.I am interested in your ability to think deeply about global problems, to formulate your ideas coherently and persuasively, and to link them to the issues you care about.

As we discussed in class, this assignment requires that you read/peruse each of the readings in order to answer the questions: “What are the author’s (or authors’) key ideas or main themes? Why do they matter? How are they related to what we are studying in this course?” In other words, this requires you a) to analyze different readings, b) to synthesize them, and c) to explain what you learned by using the concepts and terminology extracted from these readings. These skills (i.e. analysis, synthesis and command of appropriate vocabulary for communicating new ideas) are critical for knowledge production and transmission.I hope you can develop these skills in this course through various written assignments.

I am attaching an anonymous essay which will give you a better idea about what I consider a well-structured and well-articulated essay.Please note that it has a title which seeks to link the 4 readings; it also has an explicit Introduction and Conclusion that provides a framework to allow the reader to better situate the various readings.Naturally, there is no single template for a good essay.Indeed, several people wrote great essays. But the basic ingredients are the same: extracting key points of analysis, trying to link themes/ideas, and expressing them effectively.

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