Analysis on Democracy on Current Event

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Democracy makes news every day. It plays a prominent role not just in politics but also society, economy, public health, and personal lives. Knowledge of democracy is essential for understanding and functioning in the twenty-first century. So one of the goals of this class is to demonstrate the relevance of the past for the present. Accordingly, we start every lecture with a brief overview of a recent headline on aspects of democracy and how they relate to the history we are studying. You now have a chance to do the same in two assignments.

By the deadlines indicated on Canvas, please turn in an analysis of a recent news article on democracy or a country we discussed. Include the article or its website, and write 1–2 pages analyzing its content and significance. Your analysis should explain

Why you chose the article and why you find it credible or not

How the knowledge you are acquiring in the course is applicable to the current event, for example (but not limited to), definitions of “people” and “power,” factors that sustain or undermine democracies, or lessons from historical democracies.

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