Africam Mythology

Essay #1 will be a discussion and evaluation of the mythology of another culture.We will use World Mythology as a starting point.Beyond this, I request some outside research, either on the web, or in an available library.Since our access to such resources differs, for this paper, I encourage students to share information and resources, although the essay itself is an individual, not a group project.The essay should be 3-4 “pages” long—that is, approximately 750-1000 words.Sources should be documented.As an English instructor, I require MLA, the citation method of choice in English studies.

Tips for Essay Writing

Read the essay prompt carefully. Essay #1 requires a discussion and evaluation of the mythology of another culture. You must take the discussion beyond the”reporting” stage (describing the components of the myth). You must, also, evaluate the myth (make meaning of it). 

You are asked to use World Mythology as a starting point. As you read the text, then, you should note sections that interest you. Mark significant passages, using post-its, high-lighting, or underlining, as you prefer. Make notes in the margin of your textbook, or write notes in a separate notebook or on your computer. When an idea strikes you, write it down for possible use in your essay. It’s easier to start a paper when you have already acquired material than to begin an essay from scratch. The essays in this course provide you the freedom to narrow your focus to a topic of your choice, so begin now to identify myths that particularly engage you.

****The culture or topic I provided the teacher with was African Mythology.****

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