Advocacy Action

TOPIC: Diabetes Mellitus in adults and children collaborating with the Fortbend YMCA in Missoiri City TX
Step #1: Identify your WHAT, YOUR WHY and the ORGANIZATION you plan to propose the advocacy action plan to
Overview (Brief summary of the project/plan)
Roadmap (What you plan to do and how you plan to roll out your plan)
Title slide: name of project, your name, course name and number, date
Step #2: Compelling Idea/Story (i.e., Your “WHY”)
What: What is the issue you are trying to change or impact?
So What? Why do you care? Why should your viewer/audience care?
Step #3: Now What? Your Advocacy Action Plan
Program Activities
Step #4: Resources and Potential Partners/Funders
Evaluation (How you will prove that you did what you said you would do)
Step #5 Conclusion/Call to Action
Assignment Instructions:
1. Complete the template. Be sure to read carefully and complete each required component.
2. To receive full credit, you will address each section of the assignment template in complete sentences. 435 words. APA 7TH EDITION. 2 SOURCES. PLAGIALISM REPORT

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